Energy Transition

Climate action becoming more pressing, Europe is setting ambitious targets for the decarbonization of all sectors of the economy, particularly energy, transport and construction.

Electrical contractors are central to these objectives as they are needed to properly design, install, operate and maintain many of the low-carbon solutions necessary to mitigate the environmental impact of these sectors.
Without them and their skills, Europe will not be able to move towards a carbon-neutral economy.
And with their unique position as trusted customer advisors, they will empower citizens and businesses to contribute to the energy transition.
Climate change and its consequences are well-known at this point, but so are the remedies. Several clean and efficient electrical technologies are cheaply and readily available today and innovation is flourishing in the power sector.
The scaling of electricity uses in the European society and economy is perfectly feasible, and it is not only desirable to meet our environmental objectives, but also to provide consumers with increasing levels of comfort.

EuropeOn is the voice of electrical contractors in Brussels, where the EU formulates the policies that will shepherd us through the energy transition. And we are delighted to speak for the sector that makes these policies happen on the ground, enabling end-users to take part in this transition. From the latter’s perspective, the implementation of said policies hinges on electrical contractors.
Electrical contractors employ local electricians who enjoy a closer relationship with consumers than larger multinational companies. They do visits directly in touch with end-users and their electrical systems, to understand customer needs and offer advice about the most adequate low-carbon solutions for their building. In this way, electrical contractors represent the vanguard of the energy transition, spearheading decarbonisation downstream in the energy value chain.

EuropeOn activities focus on following four energy transition areas: