EuropeOn Annual Conference

18 November 2020

The EuropeOn Conference will take place on the 18th of November with a programme split into two sessions, where EU climate policies relevant for electrification stakeholders will be examined from a human capital perspective with the input of experts from the electrical contracting sector. 

The full conference will be online and free of charge.

Conference Agenda

Welcoming words from EuropeOn President Gérard Constantin

Morning Session – 10:00 to 11:30 CET

Renovating with Skill: switching on the Renovation Wave thanks to a modern electrical trade 

Afternoon Session – 13:30 to 15:00 CET

Consumer empowerment in the shift to zero-emission mobility: lessons learnt from the ground

Alison Crabb (DG EMPL – Head of Unit)

Introducing the Pact for Skills

Stefan Moser (DG ENER – Head of Unit)

Skills as a pillar of the Renovation Wave

Pernille Weiss (MEP)

Skills and SMEs in the Renovation Wave

Aurélie Beauvais (SolarPower Europe – Deputy CEO)

At the crossroads of Skills and an ambitious Renovation Wave: deploying solar in Europe

Martin Bailey (Chair of EuropeOn Value Chain WG)

Lessons learnt from our Skills4Climate campaign for the post Covid times

Dario Dubolino (DG MOVE – Policy Officer)

 State of play of AFID revision, upcoming Strategy, and charge point rollout across EU 

Ismail Ertug (MEP)

Constituents’ expectations from EU mobility policy and how can e-mobility answer those needs

Alexander Neuhäuser (EuropeOn member, Deputy Managing Director of ZVEH)

Electromobility – opportunities and contribution of the electrical contractors

Olivier Toggenburger (Park’n Plug, Business Developer)

Challenges and solutions to engage consumers in the energy transition through e-mobility and self-consumption

Julia Poliscanova (Transport & Environment – Senior Director, Vehicles & E-mobility)

How can EU policies ensure a smooth transition (for consumers) towards zero-emission mobility

Casto Cañavate (KNX Association) 

Bridging the gap between smart buildings and e-mobility

Short presentations followed by a Q&A session (of roughly 30 minutes)

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Electrical Contracting in Europe

Million jobs
Billion turnover

Addressing energy, mobility, climate and skills policies, EuropeOn is engaged at EU level to foster synergies between electrical contractors and European policy makers.

EuropeOn, originally formed as “AIE” in 1954, is the European voice of the electrical contracting industry. With 1.8 million professionals in over 300.000 businesses and with a turnover of over EUR 200 billion, electrical contractors provide electrical installations for buildings and infrastructure. Addressing energy, mobility, climate and skills policies, EuropeOn is engaged at EU level to foster synergies between the electrical contracting sector and European policy-makers.