EuropeOn Technical WG Meeting (10/03/2022)

EuropeOn Technical WG – Cybersecurity Presentations (30/09/2021)

EuropeOn Roundtable on “Women in the installation sectors” (28/03/2022)

EuropeOn members’ webinar: introduction to the European Union (01/02/2022)

EuropeOn AFDD Roundtable (26/01/2022)

EuropeOn Skills Group Roundtable – Image of the installation sectors (23/06/2021)

EuropeOn Value Chain Roundtable – Getting closer to clients (27/05/2021)

EuropeOn Webinar on Residential Battery Storage Systems (16/03/2021)

EuropeOn study release ‘Business Opportunities since Covid 19’ (26/01/2021)

2021 – Digitalisation, New technologies, Smarter buildings

2021 – Enabling the deployment of smart buildings with new skills and jobs

2020 – Session 1 Renovating with Skill

2020 – Session 2 Consumer empowerment in the shift to zero emission mobility

#Skills4Climate: workers & skills shortages must be a top priority for the energy transition (10/03/2022)

Electrical safety: a prerequisite in the context of the energy transition (01/12/2021)

Energy use and consumers – ElectrifyNow: Which role for electrification in the Green Deal? (17/11/2021)

Green Skills and new careers in Electrification (24/08/2021)

Electromobility: a green boost for automotive jobs in Europe? (01/07/2021)

Driving change together – SolarPower Summit (10/05/2021)

Season’s greetings from EuropeOn President, Gérard Constantin (25/12/2020)

Season’s greetings from EuropeOn President, Gérard Constantin (25/12/2020)

Deploying innovative solar solutions in the Renovation Wave – SolarPower Summit 2020 (05/10/2020)



Latest publications

The inadequate review of the Primary energy factor will jeopardise the attainment of Green Deal and REPowerEU objectives

EuropeOn position paper for the recast of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) ahead of the EU inter-institutional discussions

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