EuropeOn Technical WG Meeting (10/03/2022)

EuropeOn Technical WG – Cybersecurity Presentations (30/09/2021)

EuropeOn Roundtable on “Women in the installation sectors” (28/03/2022)

EuropeOn members’ webinar: introduction to the European Union (01/02/2022)

EuropeOn AFDD Roundtable (26/01/2022)

EuropeOn Skills Group Roundtable – Image of the installation sectors (23/06/2021)

EuropeOn Value Chain Roundtable – Getting closer to clients (27/05/2021)

EuropeOn Webinar on Residential Battery Storage Systems (16/03/2021)

EuropeOn study release ‘Business Opportunities since Covid 19’ (26/01/2021)

2021 – Digitalisation, New technologies, Smarter buildings

2021 – Enabling the deployment of smart buildings with new skills and jobs

2020 – Session 1 Renovating with Skill

2020 – Session 2 Consumer empowerment in the shift to zero emission mobility

#Skills4Climate: workers & skills shortages must be a top priority for the energy transition (10/03/2022)

Electrical safety: a prerequisite in the context of the energy transition (01/12/2021)

Energy use and consumers – ElectrifyNow: Which role for electrification in the Green Deal? (17/11/2021)

Green Skills and new careers in Electrification (24/08/2021)

Electromobility: a green boost for automotive jobs in Europe? (01/07/2021)

Driving change together – SolarPower Summit (10/05/2021)

Season’s greetings from EuropeOn President, Gérard Constantin (25/12/2020)

Season’s greetings from EuropeOn President, Gérard Constantin (25/12/2020)

Deploying innovative solar solutions in the Renovation Wave – SolarPower Summit 2020 (05/10/2020)



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