EuropeOn Annual Conference: speakers and agenda confirmed!

We are pleased to announce that the agenda and speakers for our 2020 Annual Conference have been confirmed. While current measures do not allow us to meet, meaning that this year’s edition will take place online, we are happy to open our sessions to all participants! You’ll be able to tune in from your own living room and explore the electricity sector from the perspective of its human capital, making the transition happen on the ground and in our homes.

Our 2020 edition will focus on the two policy areas impacting electrical contractors the most: buildings and transport. However, since working in silos is a thing of the past, skills and employment policies are the cross-cutting and horizontal aspects that come with a human capital perspective.

Our morning session will focus on the recently announced Renovation Wave in the recent recovery context. Our panel will take this opportunity to explore the skills dimension of such an undertaking, highlighting how such an initiative can boost jobs and employment with the right training provisions.

We will host Commission officials: Alison Crabb from DG EMPL (employment & jobs) and Stefan Moser from DG ENER (energy) to overview their main policies in this regard, the EU Pact for Skills and Renovation Wave. From the European Parliament Pernille Weiss will give us her perspective, as well as Aurélie Beauvais from SolarPower Europe and EuropeOn’s own Martin Bailey will present the electrical contractors’ perspective.

In the afternoon, we will investigate the decarbonisation and electrification of road transport. Consumer acceptance of e-mobility is a cornerstone of zero-emission road transport and needs to be fostered with the adequate networks of charging infrastructure, in public and private spaces, and a matching regulatory framework. 

This session will start with an overview of the Commission’s policies pertaining to e-mobility with Dario Dubolino from DG MOVE (transport), followed by MEP Ismail Ertug on constituents’ expectations from the EU, Alexander Neuhäuser from EuropeOn’s member association ZVEH, Olivier Toggenburger from Park’n Plug for lessons from the ground, Julia Poliscanova from Transport & Environment on best-suited EU policies for e-mobility, and Casto Cañavate from KNX Association highlighting the integration of EVs with smart buildings.

Our Annual Conference will also be the time to introduce our latest reports, highlighting the electrical contracting sector’s role in economic recovery policies as well as both energy and digital transitions.

While lockdown measures and economic standstill have darkened our perspectives, EuropeOn members have decided to show that electrical contractors can put a positive spin on this situation and that there are still plenty of green and sustainable business opportunities across Europe.

Additionally, we have decided to assess the job potential behind a “prosumer” Renovation Wave. The latter should bring about strong job growth as this EU initiative is supposed to double renovation rates across the EU. EuropeOn believes that this can be a tremendous opportunity to add prosumer technologies to the traditional renovations, such as solar PV, battery-electric storage systems and EV charging equipment. Stay tuned for the final job numbers!

Download the full agenda and speakers list.


A big thanks to KNX Association, our Media partner for this Conference.