EuropeOn has hosted its first roundtable on the Electrical Contractors’ position in their value chain

While the energy and digital transitions offer a wealth of new opportunities and business models ripe for the picking, electrification stakeholders must secure their place in this value chain. This is exactly the point of EuropeOn’s Value Chain Working Group. Electrical contractors are in the perfect position to benefit from the twin transitions and grow their position as well as the value added of their work with more services and higher skilled work. This starts by exchanging and cooperating across borders, which is why EuropeOn will organise a series of roundtables on specific topics relating to our place in the value chain.

The first roundtable of this series, held on 27 May, centered on the topic of “Getting closer to clients” and featured 6 presentations from external as well as internal actors from across Europe, which led to insightful discussions among participants. Ranging from late payments, to lobbying governments and including increasing services with digital tools or emerging business models, the presentations were as varied as interesting, while still aimed at enhancing the position of electrical contractors with clients.

This is only the first of the first roundtable within this value chain exercise and will be followed by several more, on different yet complimentary topics. 

EuropeOn has also launched a similar workstream on skills and will pay particular attention to harnessing the synergies that can arise between both endeavours.

Stay tuned for more and for the next roundtables! If you are a member of EuropeOn and want to know about our (past and upcoming) roundtables, write to us at: