EuropeOn is proud to contribute to the launch of SolarPower Europe’s #SolarWorks campaign, sponsored by Google

On 28 October, SolarPower Europe officially launched their new campaign, called #SolarWorks, in their brand new offices on Rond-point Schuman, facing the European Commission’s HQ.

The campaign, which is sponsored by Google, aims to raise awareness on the varied and gigantic job opportunities in the European solar value chain. Indeed, solar power is set to become Europe’s main source of energy before the end of the decade. It could create 4 million jobs across Europe by 2050. For the time being, the campaign focuses on 5 countries where major solar growth is forecasted: France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain.

The video series tells the stories of current solar workers on various sites, from an agri-PV plant, to a floating solar installation or a manufacturing facility, where they share their experience and advice on kickstarting a solar career. The inspirational testimonies aim to mobilise the future solar workforce and help guide those interested in joining the sector through reskilling.

So, how does EuropeOn come in? A large majority of solar jobs actually fall into our segment of activity: the installation, operation and maintenance of rooftop solar PV are part of electrical contractors’ missions. We are looking for motivated professionals all across Europe to accelerate the energy transition and offer sustainable energy to houses and buildings. We believe that solar can create new, stimulating, purposeful and local jobs in our sector.

The key role of solar PV installers was emphasised by the two keynote speakers at the launch event, Walburga Hemetsberger (SolarPower Europe’s CEO) and Stefano Grassi (Head of Commissioner Kadri Simson’s cabinet). They also acknowledged that the lack of candidates in the solar sector could be a major hurdle to make the energy transition a reality, a statement that is very much in line with our own #Skills4Climate campaign.

When contributing to the #SolarWorks campaign, EuropeOn highlighted the benefits of a career in rooftop solar and helped SolarPower Europe identify relevant trainings in the 5 targeted countries, with the help of our members ZVEH, FFIE, SERCE and Techniek Nederland.


Julie Beaufils, Secretary General of EuropeOn, said: “Electrical contractors are responsible for installing rooftop solar panels and integrating them with other clean energy technologies. They play an instrumental role in advising citizens and companies in switching to solar and becoming prosumers. This is an exciting time to join this fast-evolving trade where 270.000 new professionals will need to be hired across Europe by 2030”.