Electrification Alliance statement on Affordable, Secure, Clean Energy

EuropeOn is a member of the Electrification Alliance, an alliance of 10 European associations that firmly believe electrification is the future of the EU’s energy system, which has recently sent an open letter to the top Commission officials ahead of the publication of its Communication on Affordable, Secure, Clean Energy. This Communication is the short term answer of the Commission to rising soaring prices across Europe and has also now been delayed to factor in the response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In this letter, the Electrification Alliance urges EU policymakers to make energy savings and cost-effective electrification of the energy system the priority actions in its forthcoming strategy for more affordable, secure and sustainable energy.

The Alliance has already raised this with the Commission in a previous letter and explained how electrification can provide a response to this energy crisis. Actions in this regard include reducing taxes on electricity bills, fully implementing the Clean Energy Package provisions to ensure flexible consumption for all, and accelerating the deployment of zero-carbon electricity, primarily wind and solar.

As Europe’s energy security and sovereignty is under siege, there are no more reason to delay the electrification of our economy, based on local, decentralised and renewable power sources.

Read the full letter here.